My name is Krysia Lynch (mum of three) and I am the Co ordinator of the Home Birth Association of Ireland (HBA). I am also currently the Co Chair of AIMS Ireland and I work as a doula in Dublin www.dublindoula.com

I have been involved with home birth in Ireland since 2000 when I engaged the services of legendary home birth midwife Kate Spillane! In 2002 I joined the Home Birth Association Committee  (ww.homebirth.ie) and by 2003 I was its PRO. In 2007, I became the Co ordinator of the HBA. Over the past 14 years I have seen the face of home birth in Ireland change, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. I have followed the fate of many midwives. many of whom have left home birth or Ireland due to the stress of working in an often unsupported environment.

I have no doubt that home birth is a safe healthy option for low risk women in Ireland and I believe in women’s capacity to birth their own babies without unnecessary intervention, including a time limit. This webpage brings together information, research, opinions up to date news and stories that anyone interested in home birth will hopefully enjoy.